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Conference Services for every occasion

Oulu provides the perfect framework for the organisation of large conferences; there are also plenty of day conference locations for smaller groups. All of the necessary services are waiting in Oulu, a short distance from one another.

Diverse conference facilities which can even accommodate up to a thousand people can be found, if necessary, in close proximity to the centre of the city, the capacity of the new high-quality hotels are adequate for thousands of conference participants and the local transportation companies can serve guests with excellent vehicles, whilst several airlines serve Oulu with close to twenty flights a day.

Oulu is one of Finland's most cosmopolitan cities, an active business centre and a strong university town, where professional and high quality conference arrangements proceed expertly and efficiently. The unique panOULU service provides all in the audible area with wireless broadband Internet access for free, virtually the entire Oulu area, wherever.

Compared to the southern conference towns, northern Finland's low prices and proximity to exotic Lapland are facts that speak their own language when selecting a conference town. There is a diverse peripheral programme production and the seasonal changes provide an additional spice to conferences.

"Skilful conference organisers make the meetings between companies and people immemorial"