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The sandy beach in Nallikari is perfect for enjoying summer days. This recreational and tourism area is situated in the Hietasaari district, approximately four kilometres from the city centre by car, but an idyllic walking path via Pikisaari shortens the distance considerably.

When the sun shines visitors at Nallikari head off to the sandy beach; on rainy days and in winter they splash around in the spa. There is always plenty to do at Nallikari, from mini golf to snowmobiling and petting ponies. There are all sorts of crazy things too, such as the funny Aleksi Klonk's puppet show in the train theatre at Vauhtipuisto - Speedpark. Peaceful surroundings and a wide range of accommodation and restaurants as well as numerous activities make Nallikari perfect for families.

Vauhtipuisto- Speed park

Carousels, the Super Slide, a game hall, quad bikes... You have to be really energetic to have time to experience everything that Vauhtipuisto - Speedpark has to offer! Children and adults who are children at heart can have fun all day at this diverse recreational area located in Nallikari.


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